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Step into a futuristic, dystopian adventure filled with spiritual fantasy
Join Roberta Dawn McMorrow as she takes you on a journey through the series THE ROAD TO THE REMEMBERING


  • This book is both profoundly moving and an absolute joy to read. The importance of embracing True Self, fighting the enemy of fear within, is a truth that stares straight into the soul. And all of this is so beautifully balanced by the joyful spirits and humorous natures of the characters. I feel a deeper sense of purpose and responsibility for my actions and the future of our world after reading The Three. This book is a light that the world needs.

    Frankie Fairweather Harman

    dancer and activist

  • This book is everything and more...

    As an undergraduate at Yale, a reader for a literary magazine, and aspiring English major -- this book blew me away, for real. This novel is about three teenagers who come together after the world has drastically changed, wildfires have swept through the country, mountains have shifted, climate apocalypse is imminent and what these three main characters have to guide them is their unity, their intuitions, and ancestral tradition. This book asks a question of our current world today -- where are we headed? What has gone wrong and what has gone right? When it feels like everything around us is disaster (fire, flood, intolerance, bigotry), this novel lets us know that all can be recreated if we just pay a little better attention. Attention to the past, the present, and the future. Attention to old ways of life, to dreams and the spirit world, to one another as whole people. It's a joy to follow these three teenagers along their adventures, as they face the dangers of this reimagined world that feels so real and so magical all at once!

    Amelia Browne

  • The Three is a breath-taking must read!

    The Three beautifully weaves together past traditions from cultures all over the globe and a future Armageddon that seems all too real and pending. Following three teenagers forced into maturity, Roberta explores the ideas of family, loss, bravery, and belonging. This story offers so much wisdom and insight into our trying world; I could hardly set it down. I finished the book feeling like more good exists in our world than anything else. It is a must read!

    Josie Frazer

  • Mystery and Magic Make for a Powerful Read Both Fantastical and Real

    Roberta Dawn McMorrow spins a magnificent tale, taking us into a post-apocalyptic world in which we are invited to remember the ancient magic and medicine that can save us still. Through her three young protagonists, she shows us how if we are to keep the forces of darkness at bay, we must each find the light within ourselves. Rich in spiritual insight and strong storytelling, this is a novel to rouse the heart in challenging times. One person found this helpful

    Bruce W. Thompson

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About Roberta Dawn McMorrow

Roberta Dawn McMorrow is an author, educator, climate activist and transformation coach. She is the founder and director of the workshop and resource program Rise Up! and a founding member of the Mar Vista Family Center. She heads up the prestigious McMorrow Consulting, recognized as one of the leading mergers and acquisitions consulting firms in the country. Another one of her passions project is Regenerative Agriculture. She devotes herself to communal transformation and positive social change.

Roberta Dawn McMorrow
Author / Educator / Activist