The Books

THE THREE, is first in a series of
four books that will take the reader
through the beautiful and terrible
history of humans on our planet.

In a future that follows three days of devastating darkness, seventeen-year-old LEO awakens in a destroyed terrain that is totally unfamiliar. Everything in the unrecognizable wilderness around him is broken and confused.

All Leo knows for certain is that he has to find his younger brother, CONAN, who had been riding behind him with their team of rescue horses in the conflagration that was consuming California’s coastal mountains before the blackness descended.

As he stumbles toward the sound of water, Leo finds a strange and lonely girl in the wilderness…

INANNA, fourteen, has awoken in the same territory of unfamiliar destruction. Startled to see Leo, she is wary of him – until a strange electrical connection unites them in a vision. Together, Leo and Inanna cross a dangerous, backward-running river in the jumbled landscape they now recognize must be Montana, to find the cave where the frightened and angry Conan had been hiding in safety.

The three teens must now determine what has happened to the world, why they have survived in a land that no longer seems inhabited by others – and whether there is a purpose to their survival. In order to find some answers, they head in the direction of Inanna’s grandfather’s cabin at the top of a distant mountain, hoping they might find him still alive.  

Along the way, the kids are faced with challenges beyond their previous comprehension. They face spiritual and physical forces that seem bent on their destruction. Yet they are also assisted by the appearance of an old soul in a tiny, child’s body: MEERA.  Meera directs them to face their fears and find their True Selves in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy that augurs the salvation of the planet. 

Overcoming atmospheric attacks, oozing assaults of a dark plasma-like energy, avalanches of dirt and rock, and walloping earthquakes, they find GRAMPS, Inanna’s grandfather, alive and safe in his cabin. The kids now realize Meera’s words were true: they have a mission to fulfill. Only by “Remembering” their past lives can they discover the key to saving the future. Gramps, an aged Native American medicine man and spiritual warrior, tells them he has just three days to teach them how to unlock the key to the “Remembering.”

Gramps leads the three in a series of lessons and ceremonies that blend Native American tradition with Buddhist and Shinto culture and philosophies, along with prophecies and learnings of other ancient cultures. Leo, Conan and Inanna absorb lessons taught in past lives centering on right-intention and right-action, and ultimately the Oneness of all beings in the universe. 

They are challenged by dark forces all along the way, however. They must battle their own inner fears, in addition to freakish physical forces such as an attack of giant African Driver ants, a vast underground abyss that tries to suck them into its void, and a fierce, ground-shattering assault that leaves Gramps wounded beyond his ability to recover. Discovering that the greatest of all challenges is overcoming their own fears, the three kids learn that their overlapping fears of abandonment, betrayal and loss are as old as humanity itself. To make a future possible they must each return to the core experiences that have poisoned their pasts and have the power to dismantle the fragile promises of a better future. 

Gramps has specifically been charged by the prophecies to prepare the three kids for the future they must meet. But before he can complete his teachings, the mountain under the cabin begins to break apart. The old man directs The Three to escape, leaving himself behind. No place on the planet is safe, yet they must challenge themselves against the trammeled and uncertain wilderness, as Gramps tells them, “for a future to be possible.” They alone can fulfill the prophecies – and to do so, they must journey to the boys’ home in California, armed with real and mystical weapons, to find the Fourth of the prophecies. 

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McMorrow uses her stories to show that the most important challenge we face in the world today is one of unity and care for others – and for the delicate balance of our planet. THE THREE, Book One of The Road to the Remembering is the first in a series of four books that will take the reader through the beautiful and terrible history of humans on our planet. The books blend epic fantasy with lessons of every continent and belief system, including the power and imagination of the cosmos itself, in order to redeem ourselves and our Earth.  


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